Maximum two person per vehicle  ,


1. Any vehicle entered in the Cannonball Run must comply with state road rules. At all times all Entrants must abide by the rules of the road as prescribed by Victorian laws and statutes.

2. Any vehicle entered must be insured and roadworthy as prescribed by State Laws.

3. All Entrants and anyone taking part in the Cannonball Run must be 18 years of age or older and the holder of current full Australian Drivers License.

4. All vehicles must advertise stickers from cannonball run and or any sponsors; stickers are non-permanent and easily removable without damaging vehicle paint finishes. We the cannonball run team will supply all cannonball run stickers. Contestants can add their own stickers to their vehicles if wanted.

5. All Entrants must pay registration fee. Such registration fee must be paid in accordance with the instructions on the Application for Entry form. All payment must be paid to cannonball run in accordance with the payment schedule.

6. Registration fee will be $550 dollars per vehicle (2 persons) Maximum two persons per vehicle

7. Entrants must at all times observe all rules and comply with the Cannonball Run Code of Conduct.

8. I understand the deposit is not refundable if you can not make it,  If for any reason we the Cannonball team has to cancel the event then refund will be returned in full



1. Act honestly and in good faith at all times in the interests of all involved in the cannonball run.

2. Behave in a lawful manner complying with all state and Australian law.

3. Ensure I do not drive under the influence of alcohol (in excess of the legal blood alcohol limit) or any drugs.

4. Conduct myself in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

5. Avoid conflicts of interests.

6. Treat all entrants, officials, and staff members with dignity, trust and respect.

7. Refrain from entering into any discussion or correspondence that could be construed as derogatory or libellous towards cannonball run entrants, officials and staff members.

8. The Entrant indemnifies cannonball run and it’s organisers against any penalty or liability which may incur as a consequence of any conduct of the Entrant.

9. The organisers accept no responsibility for repatriation of vehicles or participants regardless of circumstance.

10. The organises decline any liability in any accident caused by or to participants and their vehicles during the whole of the event.

11. Participants shall be held responsible for any accident or breach of laws in which they may be involved and shall declare to the organisers particulars of any such incident from which liability may arise and shall have no claim against the organisers arising out of any act or omission of the organisers, their servants, agents or officials during the course of the event.

12. All photographs and footage arising from cannonball run and all copyright in those photographs and footage will remain the property of Cannonball Run.

13. You hereby grant the Cannonball Run event permission to use your appearance in any and all media and social media exposure.

I acknowledge receipt of and agree to observe these conditions of entry and all subsequent amendments and additions. Failure to observe these conditions of entry may lead to the cancellation of Cannonball Run entry

The entry fee into the event does NOT include the following:


1. Petrol or LPG Gas.
2. Telephone or SMS bills.
3. Any other expenses or disbursements incurred while staying in any hotels (including mini bar drinks and refreshments, telephone or pay TV). Damage to rooms or apartments. No stay over on this event.
4. Fines of any sort
5. Any damage caused to any venue, vehicle, person or property.
6. Alcoholic and non Alcoholic drinks, Meals or snacks